Best Free Cloud Storage in India (2024)-Top 10 Services Compared

10 Best Free Cloud Storage Providers

Nowadays, it seems as though we are living in the digital era. Everything, including our data, should be available online. Our entire set of data, our audio and visual media, as well as our work files.

Your online data is also secure, effective, and accessible via cloud storage, even from different devices. Also, it guarantees the safety and backup of your data.

The best approach to save your data in a safe, accessible location in the cloud is with cloud storage services. The issue is that there are several cloud storage options, making it challenging to choose one.

In order to save you time, I’ve done the research and created a list of the top cloud storage providers in India for 2024.

Every cloud storage option on the list has already been utilised. I’ll make recommendations for each storage based on my usage and provide a pros-cons chart for convenient reference.

Let’s go right into 2024’s best cloud storage.

What is Cloud Storage, and why do we need it?

Data storage in the cloud refers to data storage in a location where it is available from any device. When it comes to backing up and protecting data, cloud storage will increase effectiveness and productivity. There are several advantages, and businesses simply pay for the storage space they really use.

Businesses don’t need to overspend on the RAM of the gadget. Sharing and teamwork are now easier thanks to cloud storage. says that 53% of the people who use cloud storage do so to share files.

Companies now use cloud storage instead of local storage drives. There are several cloud storage services that only provide accounts to corporations. This is due to the fact that they include some characteristics that people may find perplexing and that those features are not really helpful to people.

cloud storage uses

Businesses get exclusive access to features like task management, etc.

Many cloud storage services have free plans for people who only need the most basic features. Business users can feel safe about their data when they store it in the cloud.

At first glance, all cloud storage companies will appear to be comparable if we were to compare them. As a result, the majority of them choose a supplier by comparing their pricing. Consider the collaborative tools, usability, and company-provided security when choosing a cloud storage service.

It is important to take into account the assistance offered by these companies. You must take into account your platform of choice when choosing a cloud storage service, such as Windows, Mac, iPad, Ios, BlackBerry phones, or a combination of these. With Windows OneDrive and Mac iCloud, major IT companies each have their own cloud storage services.

Using a SaaS provider will assist you in lowering costs since it lowers the cost of licensing. You can encrypt your data first, then send it to the cloud if the provider does not offer end-to-end encryption for further protection.

10 Best Free Cloud Storage Providers in India

1. pCloud – Best Free Online Cloud Storage

About Pcloud

Swiss-based pCloud AG was established in 2013. In the past several years, it has attracted over 10 million users. Due to Switzerland’s stringent privacy and security legislation and lack of membership in any intelligence partnerships (including the 14 Eyes), using pCloud is quite safe.

By installing the desktop client, validating your email address, and following other procedures, you may access the 10 GB of free storage that comes with a free pCloud account.

screenshot taken from the pcloud website

Your data may be stored and made available across all devices using pCloud. PCloud will make it simpler to share and collaborate on files. Also, here, secret private files can be encrypted.

For me, pCloud now offers India’s best all-around cloud storage. With the recent switch to an EU server, they have struck the appropriate note. Better speeds and privacy result from this.

Pcloud Features:

Compliance with the GDPR
Using SSL and TLS for security
30 days of file recovery and history
Lifetime Access to Free Storage Space : 10GB of Free Storage on the Basic Plan for Free
It encrypts your files for maximum privacy.
It encrypts your files for maximum privacy.
allows you to backup your priceless memories to pCloud with a single button click.
You may filter your files based on their file format with its assistance.
It preserves file versions for a certain duration, making archive file searching easier.
Uploads 10 GB free, 500 GB premium.
Offers an unlimited number of transfers
provide pCloud API
provides zero-knowledge privacy, client-side encryption, and many layers of security
Within 30 days, your file-sharing links expired.
enables file management, collaboration, sharing, access and synchronisation, media and accessibility, file versioning, storage, digital asset management, and ease of use across all devices. File Sharing using Passwords
Customer service is offered by email and a contact form.
Compatible Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android
Plans begin at $49.99 per year for 500GB of storage.
Lifetime Plan: 500GB of storage is available for $195.
Free Trial: 10GB of Free Storage and a Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Pros of pCloud

Cons of pCloud

Sync Features

One of the finest benefits of pCloud is its syncing capabilities. It has Block-Level Sync and Selective Sync features.

Shared File Options

You may change the permissions for uploads, add passwords and expiration dates to shared links, view link statistics, and a lot more.

Encryption with zero knowledge

Take use of optional zero-knowledge encryption. pCloud lets users choose which files are zero-knowledge encrypted.

Reasonable Prices

The lifetime choices offered by pCloud are reasonably priced when compared to alternative cloud storage.

Speeds That Are Very Rapid

pCloud can now provide Indian consumers fast speeds thanks to Europe servers.

Data Center Choice

The data centre of your choosing is yours to choose. The majority of users choose to travel to Europe.

Other Add-Ons

You must pay extra to access its further features, such as Extended File History and pCloud Crypto.

Slow Assistance

The support is good, but it’s not the quickest.

There is no editing

There are no built-in file editing options in pCloud. Your materials are only available for viewing here.

Also, they provide excellent sharing possibilities and a lifetime plan. I will recommend them very highly.

2. Icedrive – Best Free Online Cloud Storage

About Icedrive

Early in 2019, Icedrive entered the market, and since then, it has been constantly expanding and enhancing its offerings. Its primary differentiator from other cloud services is its impenetrable zero-knowledge encryption, which it has achieved through some unusual decisions.

There are excellent substitutes on our list of the best secure cloud storage companies, but it still lacks essential cloud storage capabilities.

Icedrive is a beautiful, simple UI that is very light on your computer’s hard drive because no files are ever downloaded there permanently. Its no-cost 10GB of space is a very generous feature of its free plan. It still lacks collaborative features, such as interaction with other productivity tools like Microsoft 365 and Google Docs.

Even so, the firm is still relatively new and has expressed a commitment to adding more services.

ice drive
screenshot taken from the Icedrive website

Icedrive Features:

Compliance with the GDPR
Using TLS for security
With the lifetime free Basic Plan, you get 10GB of free storage space.
Syncing doesn’t take long Not necessary because IceDrive can be mounted with only one click.
The file management interface on Icedrive is clear and simple to use.
You may quickly share media with others by streaming it from the cloud.
offers 10 GB for free and a premium upload maximum of 150 GB.
Provides 100 TB paid transfer limit
Slack is seamlessly integrated.
Provides File API
enables client-side encryption, zero-knowledge privacy, and twofish encryption.
It offers customer service through the phone, live chat, and contact form.
Provides a tonne of storage, plenty of bandwidth, no time restrictions, recurring payments, password-protected file sharing, and in-depth analytics.
Compatible Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android
Prices: Plans with 150GB of storage start at $1.67 per month. Discount of 0.25% for Annual Payment.
Lifetime Plan: 150GB of storage is available for $99 per year.
Free Trial: 10GB of Free Storage and a Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Pros of Icedrive

Cons of Icedrive

Affordable  Prices

For just $149, Icedrive, a cost-effective cloud storage service, will provide you lifelong access to 1TB of cloud storage!

Excellent User Interface

For all devices, including laptops, desktop computers, and mobile phones, Icedrive provides one of the greatest and most contemporary user interfaces with a better design and usability.Moreover, drag-and-drop upload is supported, which makes it incredibly easy to submit several files at once!

Encryption with zero knowledge

Icedrive offers zero-knowledge encryption and is GDPR compliant.

Good File Sharing

With Icedrive, you can give your shared URLs passwords and expiration dates. They can certainly make further enhancements to their sharing capabilities.

Amazing Speeds

Files from Icedrive may be downloaded and uploaded instantly thanks to European servers.

Effective Roadmap

They have a really positive road map. I’m excited for the next changes that will be made!

No 2FA

It has not yet adopted 2FA, which is crucial for your account’s security. I really hope they release it soon!

Just a few sync functions

You cannot pick which specific folders to sync with Icedrive because it does not have the Selective Sync feature. By default, every folder is synchronised.

Recent Service

Several of the features of Icedrive, which premiered in January 2020, are still being worked on. It needs more time to become a cloud storage leader.

No chat support

3. Sync – Best Free Online Cloud Storage

About sync

In 2011, Thomas Savundra, Suhan Shan, and Darius Antia launched Sync to create a secure, privacy-protected cloud storage platform. They first concentrated on creating end-to-end encrypted software and infrastructure for people, but they soon realised that Sync had the potential to improve the efficiency of teams and enterprises that were entrusted with sensitive information.

These days, Sync offers collaboration tools that help people, organisations, and teams stay in sync, along with secure document storage and file sharing. and Dropbox are comparable in many ways, however we’d like to see provide file synchronisation outside of the default folder.

This makes less of a backup drive and more of a way to store and share files in the cloud. But, if you utilise the Vault feature or put everything in the folder, it may be a backup disc. It employs end-to-end encryption, unlike many competitors, for the highest level of file protection.

You may go back to earlier versions of files using the platform’s versioning capabilities, and is kind enough to not count these earlier versions against your storage limit. Files are retained for 180 or 365 days, which is better than many other firms’ 30 days. Since it’s free, 5GB accounts with 30 days of storage are affordable.

On the platform, you can also share basic files and folders. You can also use advanced sharing controls like passwords and expiration dates on links. When you register for a team account, there are provisions for keeping your information compliant with regulations such as GDPR and PIPEDA. There are also mobile apps that can automatically upload photos and videos if you need them.

sync secure cloud storage
screenshot taken from the sync website

Sync Features:

compliance with PIPEDA, GDPR, and HIPAA
Using SSL and TLS for security
30 day file recovery period and file history
Free Basic Plan for Lifetime with 5GB of Free Storage
Even without an account, Sync lets you transfer any size file to anyone.
For all subscriptions, Sync offers unlimited data transfer.
One of the greatest corporate cloud storage options, it provides limitless storage for teams of users (2+).
You can get more storage space by completing tasks.
Unlimited transmission capacity is offered.
seamlessly interacts with Slack, Office 365, and Microsoft Office
provides Sync API
provides end-to-end encryption, zero-knowledge privacy, and client-side encryption
Offers Securely transmit and receive files, Share privately while working together, restore and backup specific branding, Real-time sync and backup Availability anywhere, link exchange document sneak peeks, Selective sync, automatic camera upload Offline access, password-protected file sharing
It offers customer service using a Contact Form.
Platforms Supported: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Prices begin at $8 per month for 2TB of storage.
Free Trial: 5GB of Free Storage and a Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Pros of Sync

Cons of Sync

Affordable  Prices

Sync’s free plan for people includes 5GB of storage, which is not only substantial but also comparable to what other big competitors, such as iDrive, Apple iCloud, and Microsoft OneDrive, provide for free.

Sync Folder

The Sync Folder instantly syncs every file you upload to all of your devices.

Encryption with zero knowledge

It uses zero knowledge encryption to safeguard all of your files, ensuring that only you have access to the information.

Good File Sharing

Even your shared files are secured by Sync using zero-knowledge encryption.

Support for 2FA

In order to guarantee safer logins, Sync offers two factor authentication.

Integration with Office365

You can modify documents in Sync if you have an Office365 subscription.

Independent Vault Tab

No device of yours syncs any of the files you submit to the Vault Tab.

Slow Speeds

Sync is a zero-knowledge platform in addition to having Canadian servers. Poor speeds are the outcome of the combination of these two problems for consumers in India.

Just a few sync functions

You cannot pick which specific folders to sync with Icedrive because it does not have the Selective Sync feature. By default, every folder is synchronised.

Sync’s Limitations

Only the files in the “Sync Folder” can be synced.

5 Eyes Countries Have Jurisdiction

As a 5 Eyes Alliance member, Canada may be compelled to disclose your personal details with other intelligence services without your permission.

4. Mega – Best Free Online Cloud Storage

About Mega

Mega is a well-known New Zealand company that offers cloud storage. Mega appears to be a compelling choice for new users and people, providing 20 GB free storage space.

For free cloud storage, Mega is the best. With zero knowledge encryption, 20 GB of space is provided, however there is a bandwidth restriction.

A 2 TB cloud storage account costs $118 per year. That seems like a fair price to me. Mega Cloud Storage is a terrific alternative to take into account if you require cloud storage with fast speeds and great file-sharing and syncing capabilities.

screenshot taken from the Mega website

Mega Features:

Compliance with the GDPR
Using SSL and TLS for security
30 day file recovery period and file history
With the lifetime free Basic Plan, you get 20GB of free storage space.
You can sync folders and files with Mega.
has a free 20 GB restriction and a 400 GB premium upload limit.
offers an unlimited transfer limit
Easily interacts with Linux and browser environments
provides MEGA API
End-to-end encryption is available.
Provides strong, open, trustworthy, generous, Safety, cooperation, Simple and private sharing safely send huge files, File versioning, automatic backup, team communicating in private, Personalized garbage bin cleaner, password-protected file sharing, and secure video conferencing
Only email is available for customer service.
Compatible Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android
Prices: Plans with 400GB of storage start at $4.86 per month. 16% Off of Annual Payment.
Free Trial: 20GB of Free Storage and a Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Pros of Mega

Cons of Mega

Fast Speeds

You may save a lot of time by using Mega’s quick upload and download speeds!

Sync Features

You can only sync particular files with the cloud using the Selective Sync option.

Encryption with zero knowledge

Mega is a privacy-focused cloud storage service. Your data is encrypted using zero knowledge encryption, ensuring that only you can access it.

20 GB Free Space

One of the greatest zero knowledge free spaces on the market is offered by Mega. It offers 20 GB of free storage, which may be extended by earning accomplishments.

Support for 2FA

Being a secure service, Mega provides two-factor authentication to confirm your identity and protect you from online dangers.

Outstanding File Sharing

Sharing files is a breeze with Mega! You may give your links passwords and expiration dates. Users may even post files without first registering!

Server Locations

The Netherlands, France, Germany, Canada, and New Zealand all have servers for it. Regrettably, you cannot pick the location of the server.

Terms and conditions that are strict

In the event that they get a report of any copyrighted material, it will be deleted.Mega even publishes annual transparency reports that include information on the quantity of takedown requests, material removals, user removals, etc.

Bandwidth Limit

It sets a bandwidth restriction. They track your IP address’s data transit.

Investors from China

They sold a significant portion of Mega’s shares to Chinese investors a few years ago. From a security standpoint, any relationships with the Chinese don’t appear to be positive.

5. Dropbox – Best Free Online Cloud Storage

About Dropbox

In 2007, Dropbox became the first company to offer cloud storage, and it continues to be well-liked today.

Dropbox is a cloud-based platform for file sharing and collaboration that was created for the modern workplace to cut down on busywork and let you concentrate on the important things.

Dropbox centralises all of your files in one location. They are simple to discover and securely synchronised across all of your devices, allowing you to access them whenever you need to. No more squandering time looking for jobs.

At $9,000 per year, the Dropbox Plus subscription provides an enormous 2 TB of cloud storage! Hence, if you routinely use Office365, GSuite, etc. and need to interact with your coworkers, Dropbox is the greatest online storage with quick speeds!

screenshot taken from the Dropbox website

Dropbox Features:

It allows you to securely sync data between all of your devices.
Your file should not exceed 50 GB in size.
limits paid transfers to 2 GB.
2 TB of premium upload space is available.
Adobe, slack, Zoom, Autodesk, Canva, Microsoft Office,  Google Suite, and Amazon are all seamlessly integrated.
offers the Paper API and the Dropbox Files API.
supports regulatory compliance criteria including GDPR and HIPAA
offers zero-knowledge privacy, client-side encryption, and many layers of security
File recovery within 30 days
offers security with AES, SSL, and TLS
Within 30 days, your file-sharing links expired.
offers eSignature requests with legal force, industry-leading privacy and security requirements for eSignatures, Encourage enforcement audit records that track file events, team leadership, coordinated billing, classification of data, detection and recovery from ransomware File sharing with password protection, watermarking, and multi-factor authentication enabled
Using Chat, it offers customer service.
Compatible Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android
Free Trial: 2GB of Free Storage and a Lifetime Free Basic Plan.
Pricing: Plans with 2TB of storage start at $9.74 per month. 20% off of annual payments.

Pros of Dropbox

Cons of Dropbox

Fast Speeds

Dropbox’s quick loading times are facilitated by its sophisticated synchronisation features.

Sync Features

Selective, Smart, and Block Level Sync are Dropbox’s sophisticated file sync features.

Plays Back Smoothly

Using Dropbox, you get to watch quality video playback.

Integrations that work well

It has integrations with Google Documents, Office 365, and GSuite, among other services.

Uncertain Security

Dropbox lost 68 million credentials after 2-3 years of security failures!

Costly Plan

Dropbox’s annual cost of $9,000 for 2 TB of cloud storage is on the upper end.

Encryption with zero knowledge

Your Dropbox files are not, regrettably, Zero Knowledge Encrypted. Your data’s privacy is somewhat compromised as a result.

6. Internxt – Best Free Online Cloud Storage

About Internxt

Internxt was established in 2020, and although being a newbie to the cloud services market, it has already developed a strong following. In addition to having more than a million users globally, the firm has won more than 30 awards.

If you care about the privacy and security of the information you save in the cloud, Internxt is an excellent choice. They provide a free, permanent 10GB subscription and have made user-friendliness  key priority in both their mobile and desktop software. If you’re thinking of joining up for Internxt, you should read this first.

screenshot taken from the Internxt website

Internxt Features:

Compliance with the GDPR
Using SSL and TLS for security
History of the File and Recover: 14 Days
10 Gb of free storage space is included in the forever free basic plan.
access to a collection of apps that are optimised for all of your devices.
Remote uploading is possible.
enables you to save and retrieve data whenever you choose.
It offers dependable client service.
Offers more than one way to pay.
seamlessly interacts with Apple iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive.
interacts with Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft one drive , and Apple iCloud without any issues.
AES-256, which provides zero-knowledge privacy and end-to-end encryption. Using two factors to authenticate.
Offers Designed to be secure, with seamless cooperation, File Sharing using Passwords.
Customer service is available through Chat.
Compatible Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.
Plan prices start at $0.97 per month for 20GB of storage. 10% off of annual payments.
Free Trial: 10GB of Free Storage and a Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Pros of Internxt

Cons of Internxt

User Friendly interface

An interface that is simple, well-designed, and easy to use

Good customer service
Individual plan

Plans with reasonable prices, especially the individual plan with 2TB

excellent privacy and security features
apps to view your data on any device
a lack of tools for cooperation and productivity lack of tools for cooperation and productivity
without file versioning
limited integration of third-party apps

7. Tresorit – Best Free Online Cloud Storage

About Tresorit

Among our top cloud storage rankings, Tresorit is one of the most well-known brands in online storage, alongside platforms like and Dropbox.

Excellent company security is available with Tresorit cloud storage, but it’s not free. Few storage services, however, are as safe as Tresorit, provided you can spare a few dollars and master its special method.

In all honesty, it offers the highest level of security among cloud storage options. Tresorit is the ideal choice for you if you work for a company or a legal office where the protection of your confidential information is a top concern.

screenshot taken from the Tresorit website

Tresorit Features:

File Sharing with Encryption
integrated management of document workflow
Support for Long-Term Validation
Managing large attachments
24/7 observation and physical security
compliance with GDPR, and HIPAA
UI that is user-friendly

Pros of Tresorit

Cons of Tresorit

Very cool Privacy Policy

Their privacy statement is quite clear and well-written.

Sync Features

You can only sync particular files with the cloud using the Selective Sync option.

Encryption with zero knowledge

Your data is completely protected from internet attackers and snoopers using Tresorit’s zero knowledge encryption.

External Security Assessment

2017 saw the testing and validation of their security procedures by an outside security team.

Support for 2FA

Every time you log in, Tresorit uses secure Two-Factor Authentication.

Outstanding File Sharing

You may give your shared links a password and an expiration date with Tresorit. What else? With no registration required, you may restrict downloads and invite others to upload!

Downloading Slowly

It takes a very long time to download anything. I had to wait 30 minutes for a file to download!

Costly Prices

Tresorit’s 2.5 TB cloud storage costs $288/year.

There is no editing

On Tresorit’s web interface, you can’t change your documents.

8. Icloud- For Apple Users

About Icloud

The cloud storage platform ICloud is run by Apple Inc.

It is among the greatest cloud storage services, allowing users to store any files in the cloud and have iCloud instantly sync those files to their devices. Both Macs and Windows Computers are compatible with this service.

Hence, regardless of its slow upload rates, iCloud is a good option if you want to remain with  the Apple ecosystems and just use cloud storage for images.

iCloud storage provider
screenshot taken from the icloud website

Icloud Features:

Sending a link is a simple way for many people to collaborate.
allows you to collaborate using Keynote, Pages, Notes, and Numbers.
5 GB of free upload space is available.
limits transfer to 5 GB
Integration with Partner is seamless
provides an iCloud API
supports compliance regulations like the GDPR.
provides client-side encryption, zero-knowledge privacy, and multi-layer security
File recovery within 30 days
ensures security with SSL and TLS
Within 30 days, your file-sharing links expired.
Offers Secret My Email, Passwords, family sharing, Smart tracking prevention, privacy reports, password tracking, social widgets tracking prevention, fingerprint protection private browser and extension settings, Sharing Files Using Passwords
By phone and email, it offers customer service.
Platforms Supported: Mac and iOS
Prices begin at $0.99 per month for 50GB of storage.
Free Trial: 5GB of Free Storage and a Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Pros of Icloud

Cons of Icloud

Get assistance by calling

If you have any questions, you may arrange conversations with their US staff.

Excellent Privacy Policies

In comparison to Google Drive or Dropbox, iCloud has a stronger privacy policy.

Good but With Limited Sync

It works well for synchronising photographs on Apple devices. Yet neither Selective Sync nor Block Level Sync are available.

for Apple Devices mostly

ICloud was created to be compatible with the overall Apple environment.

No-Knowledge Encryption

Zero knowledge encryption is absent from iCloud.

There is no editing

In iCloud, there are no document editing options available.

9. OneDrive- Best Free Online Cloud Storage

About OneDrive

An online storage and syncing service is offered by Microsoft OneDrive. Everyone with a Microsoft account can access it without charge. Windows and Mac users may sync files using OneDrive applications.

one drive cloud storage
screenshot taken from the OneDrive website

OneDrive Features:

Scan receipts, business cards, whiteboard notes, and paper documents with your phone and save them in OneDrive.
For security reasons, you can specify an expiration date for shared files, images, and URLs.
It is among the top cloud storage options for companies that provides powerful corporate capabilities.
has a 5 GB free upload restriction and a 6 TB premium upload limit.
allows paid transfers of up to 250 GB.
It connects seamlessly with a variety of platforms, including Amazon RedShift, Mode, Asana,, Azure DevOps, MS SQL Server, BigQuery, MySQL. etc.,
provides a OneDrive file storage API.
supports regulatory compliance norms like GDPR.
offers zero-knowledge privacy and client-side encryption.
Compatible Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.
Customer service is offered via the telephone.
Prices begin at $19.99 per year for 100GB of storage. At $4200 a year, it gives 1 TB of cloud storage!
Free Trial: 5GB of Free Storage and a Lifetime Free Basic Plan.

Pros of OneDrive

Cons of OneDrive

Microsoft Office Support

Office programmes may be used on 5 devices with OneDrive’s 1 TB online storage and 1-year Office 365 subscription.

Amazing Editing Features

Online document, word, presentation, and spreadsheet editing is made simple with OneDrive.

Slow Download Speeds

Although OneDrive has reasonable upload speeds, its download rates are quite slow.

Help that isn’t good

Their customer service responds to inquiries quite slowly.

10. Google Drive- Best Free Online Cloud Storage

Google Drive offers free online data storage. While Google Drive is not well regarded for having the finest Privacy Policy, in my opinion, it is not the best option for security and privacy. Yet when it comes to teamwork, it is unstoppable!

The service makes sure that all of the user’s PCs, tablets, and phones have the same files, photos, and other data. It provides 15 GB of unmetered space.

And if you still desire a professional email, you may choose Google Workspace, which also offers storage.

Hence, Google Drive is ideal for quick upload and download rates and effective team collaboration!

google drive

Google Drive Features:

You can create Slides, Sheets, and Docs.
The synchronisation is in real time.
You may design forms to assist you in conducting surveys.
Files with up to 1.02 million words may be saved, as can spreadsheets with as many as five million cells, presentations with up to 100 MB, and Gmail with up to 200,000 characters each page.
Offers 15 GB for free and 2 TB for a fee.
limits transfer to 1 GB.
Compatible with popular apps including Slack, Adobe Creative Suite, Atlassian, Autodesk, and DocuSign.
Provider Drive API
supports compliance requirements like the GDPR.
provides client-side encryption and privacy based on zero-knowledge.
File recovery within 25 days.
Compatible Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.
Prices begin at $6 per month for 30GB of storage.
Free Trial: 15GB of Free Storage and a Lifetime Free Basic Plan.

Pros of Google Drive

Cons of Google Drive

Amazing Speeds

You may quickly upload and download files with Google Drive’s incredible speeds!

Best for Teamwork

You may work together on Google Documents, Excel sheets, and other documents with your team members.You may also read older versions, go back to them, and leave your teammates with insightful remarks.

Excellent Sync Features

You’ll discover a super-quick sync feature, ensuring that any changes you make to your file take effect right away.

Excellent Search Algorithm

A significant time-saving feature is that it finds your search term from inside the papers.

Strict Measures Against Copyrighted Content

The drive is being continuously scanned by Google bots. Hence, if you post any copyrighted content, it will be removed immediately.

No-Knowledge Encryption

Your data are vulnerable to internet assaults since it does not secure them using zero knowledge encryption.

Not Much Sharing

You cannot establish passwords or specify expiration dates when sharing links using Google Drive. Moreover, it disallows the creation of upload links.


I really hope that this post on the  Free Best Cloud Storage Provider  2024 helps you choose the best cloud storage provider in India for your requirements. Personally, I use Google Drive and pCloud.

Please share any queries or recommendations you may have in the comments area.

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