Envato Elements Review: Is it Really Worth Your Money?

If you make the content as I do, you know how hard it can be to find unique, high-quality stock images, audio tracks, videos, etc. for your blog posts, websites, and apps. Most of our time would have been better spent developing superior content instead of frantically searching for stock goods on various sites. It’s rather exhausting, isn’t it? I’m giving a complete Envato Elements review in today’s article.

One such website is Envato Elements, from which you can find a wide variety of stock assets, including images, graphics, audio tracks, movies, typefaces, email campaigns, or even WP themes and plugins.

All of the ideas and thoughts in this article come from my own experience and research.

Let’s start the Envato Elements Review now!

Envato Elements: What is it?

In 2006, Australians started the Envato Company. It is the world’s largest market for digital assets. Their main objective is to give creatives access to a platform of digital materials that is constantly expanding.

You may still utilise certain free components in Envato Elements even if the majority of the materials are included in the monthly subscription ($16.50/month when paid annually). You may get 12 assets for free each month just by signing up for an Envato Elements account. This is a fantastic opportunity to discover everything Envato Elements has to offer and determine whether it’s perfect for you.

They have the following asset libraries:

Envato Elements asset libraries

ThemeForest: contains website themes and templates.
VideoHive : consists of video templates and royalty-free clips
PhotoDune: collection of free stock images
GraphicRiver: collection of logos, icons, and other visual elements
3DOcean : Provides Files for 3D Printing
CodeCanyon: consists of programmes, plugins, and snippets of code
AudioJungle: Audio templates and royalty-free music collection

The Envato Market is comprised of all of these directories taken together, and you make individual payments for each asset.

There are already over 3.5 million stock videos, 6.2 million stock pictures, 740 thousand royalty-free audios, and hundreds of graphics, web templates, fonts, WP themes, presentation templates, 3D templates, plugins, and more available on it.

They increase their list by thousands of new products each week. By making a small monthly contribution of $8.25, you can access these assets without restriction.

Envato Market Vs Envato Elements :

A global leader in online communities for creative resources, tools, and talent is Envato. Envato Marketplace and Envato Elements have digital products and templates.

Envato Market:

envato market

As the largest digital asset marketplace in the world, Envato Market allows artists and designers to buy and sell digital assets on an as-needed basis. Items from the Envato Market come with unique licencing for a single finished project.

Envato Market provides a wide range of products, including royalty-free stock photos, music, video, graphic and website themes.

Following are the several categories into which Envato Market is divided:

web: Website themes and templates to dress up well-known CMSs like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla
Code: Java, ASP.NET, Java, Javascript, and PHP.
Audio: sound effects and music without a royalties.
Video: Project files, motion graphics, and stock video that are all free for use with programmes like Adobe After Effects.
Graphics: Vector graphics, icon packs, and Photoshop and Illustrator add-ons available for no additional cost.
Photos: free-of-charge stock photos.
3D Files: Models, Textures, Materials, Shading, and Concepts for 3D Design.

Envato Elements:

Envato elements

For one low price, you may download as many creative digital assets as you like from Envato Elements’ unlimited membership.For one low price, you may download as many creative digital assets as you like from Envato Elements’ unlimited membership.

With the help of skilled freelance creators, Elements provides high-quality, selected creative assets. Envato Elements subscriptions are available for a single low fee on a plan that works for you.

Visit this page to learn more about Envato Elements and to learn more about a subscription to the service.

Only things on Envato Elements are accessible with an Envato Elements membership. Since the goods on Envato Market are two distinct products with distinct items, licencing conditions, and payment mechanisms, they must be purchased individually.

Compared to Envato Elements, which provides a license that applies to all of the goods, Envato Market offers several licenses depending on how the finished product will be used.

Envato Elements Assets:

Envato Elements offers a staggering array of resources. These components are all legal, distinct, high-quality, and only intended for one usage. Your content will stand out thanks to them for sure! Let’s look over the resources that Envato Elements offers.

1. Stock Videos:

This platform has a vast library of motion graphics and video content, numbering over 3.5 million. Additionally, the filter choices are excellent! You are able to modify the results in a number of different ways, including by Alpha Channels, Looped videos, camera footage, quality, frame rate, video duration, and more.

stock videos of Envato elements

2. Video Templates:

Video templates include symbols, infographics, branding, titles, video displays, and openers. There are over 67k video templates available on Envato Elements, each with countless unique transitions, effects, and titles.

video templates in envato elements

Additionally, it supports popular editing programmes including Apple Motion, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro.

3. Music:

You can choose from an amazing 126,676 audio tracks that don’t cost anything. These tracks may be sorted by genre, mood, instrument, voice style, pace, and length.

envato elements assets

4. Sound Effects:

The noises of the natural world, people, video games, cartoons, industry, transitions, and movements, among many others. Envato Elements has what you’re talking about!

It offers a massive sound effect library with 947k+ soundtracks that can be searched by sound duration and looping sounds.

Envato elements sound effects assets

5. Graphic Templates:

They have 148k+ graphic templates in their library, including UI & UX packs, printing templates, scenario creators, brands, websites, brand mockups, infographics, and more.

envato elements review

6. Graphics:

This includes more than 55k visual components, such as images, patterns, symbols, social networking packs for posts and banner advertisements, textures, backdrops, and objects, among others.

graphics in Envato elements

7. Presentation Templates:

If you need to prepare presentations every day, you’ll adore this. You may choose from more than 96k presentation designs and slide themes thanks to Envato Elements.

It provides excellent presentation templates for Google Slides, Keynotes, and PowerPoint.

presentation templates in envato elements

8. Photos:

Envato Elements has an incredible selection of images! Envato Elements provides you with more than 1 million photos, while Twenty20 provides you with more than 50 million images.

You may Refine by:

  1. Colors
  2. Orientation
  3. Background

envato elements review

Check out this article to learn more about design: Canva Graphic Design Tips and Tricks

9. Fonts:

A collection of 7000+ innovative and beautiful fonts.

You may Refine by:

  1. Categories: Script and handwritten fonts, San Serif, and decorative
  2. Spacing: Condensed, expanded, monospace, and normal.
  3. Optimum Size: Any Size, Large, Condensed, Large
  4. Properties: Web Font
fonts in Envato elements

10. Add-ons:

There are almost 4500 add-ons available in Envato Elements, including brushes, layer styles, actions, and presets. Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, Lightroom, and Illustrator are just few of the apps that may be used to improve them.

add-ons in Envato elements

11. Web templates:

You may make your selection from among more than 6000 accessible web templates, which include administrative formats, website layouts, email templates and  landing page templates.

You may refine by:

  1. Admin Templates
  2. Email Templates
  3. Site Templates
  4. Landing Page Templates

12. CMS templates:

There are almost,1200 +CMS templates available in Envato Elements, you may refine byJoomla, Opencart, PrestaShop, Shopify, Magento, Muse, Muse, Tumblr, Unbounce, Ghost


13. More

Elementor Template Kits, WordPress Plugins, and Themes, page templates, plugins, and template kits for WordPress have been carefully chosen and are of high quality. Within their own category, Elementor template kits number in the hundreds. Choose a category to refine by, such as blog, portfolio, eCommerce, or agency. compatibility, such as between WooCommerce and Elementor. or vertical, such as in building, real estate, and education.

more  categories in Envato elements

Envato Elements License

The licencing process for Envato Elements is pretty easy to understand.

  1. One straightforward business licence: The same basic licencing conditions apply to any item on Envato Elements. You receive extensive commercial rights, allowing you to utilise the goods with confidence on professional or private projects.
  2. Every time you use an item, register it: When you download something, you get a licence to use it for a single, specific purpose. A product you want to use again? No issue! Simply register it once more for a new end use by visiting your downloads.
  3. Clearly defined prohibitions are provided.
  4. Licensing that is future-proof, even if you stop using it:Envato Elements products are no longer usable if you cancel your subscription. Your registration still applies to any past uses, though. That surety of mind is great!


There are three plans available from Envato Elements: monthly, annual, and teams. With all of them, you have limitless downloads while your membership is ongoing.

pricing plans for envato elements
The monthly fee for the plan is $33.
The cost of the Annual Plan is $198, or just $16.50 each month.
Five people may join the Team Plan for for $10.75 apiece. The cost varies depending on how many people are in the squad.
Students who purchase the Annual Plan can save an additional 30%. Simply enter your educational email address and take advantage of the annual membership for only $11.50/month if you are a student.


They don’t provide live chat or phone help. Their email assistance, though, is decent. My query was answered within one working day.


Downloads that never end: Download from Envato Elements at no cost as long as your subscription is active.
Plans that are reasonably priced: Envato Elements’ annual fee of $198 is rather reasonable when compared to other services of a similar kind, especially considering that it includes limitless downloads and a large number of training courses.
Authenticated Assets: The Envato team meticulously examines each asset to ensure that it complies with all applicable licencing requirements.
Simple Search and Filter: Finding the exact item we’re looking for is made much easier by the search and filtering features. Each categories’ filter feature has been specifically created for it.
Amazing Collection: You’ll never run out of original designs because to their enormous library of millions of stock photos, films, audio tracks, graphic components, 3D objects, and more!
Easy Licensing: Add a business licence to any item you download with ease, and use it indefinitely after your membership expires!
Courses for free: Envato Tuts+, which offers free tutorials, courses, ebooks, and educational materials, is included with the Envato Elements Subscription.


Not having Premium Assets:The expensive, widely downloaded assets from the Envato Market are not included in Envato Elements. In spite of this, the collection is decent for the price.
Themes and plugins for WordPress are not supported: The auto-update feature for WordPress plugins and themes is not offered by Envato Elements.
Re-registration Is Necessary: Before utilising your assets on any future projects, you must register them once more. Without re-registration, the asset cannot be used again.


This review concludes. This post should have helped you choose Envato Elements.So, will you purchase it? Or have you already used it? What have you learned thus far? Please provide any information in the comments box below.

This is, Vaghdevi, quits now. I’ll see you all in the following article. Keep developing, learning, and supporting me till then! Thank you.

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