35+ Blogging Tips & Tricks for New Bloggers

Thousands of new blogs start every day with the goal of making money online. Many of these new bloggers are unsure of how to do it. As a result, I made the decision to provide 35+ blogging tips & tricks for new bloggers that will support you along the way.

I strongly advise all aspiring writers to follow Tips on Blog posts and learn from this blog because they usually make several blogging mistakes when they first start out. The following recommendations are truly a collection of ideas and methods that help entrepreneurs jump-start the development of their blogs.

While blogging is a simple task, running your personal website is difficult. Particularly if you want to use blogging as a source of income, there are several considerations to examine:

Content Creation (Writing)
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Distribution or promotion
Social Signs (signals)

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35+ Blogging Tips & Tricks

1. know what your ultimate focus for content is:

Start writing mostly for yourself. Consider the fact that others might understand whatever you create and concentrate instead on figuring out how to express your ideas, thoughts, and perspectives in written form. Ignore the possibility that other people might read what you write. Should you decide to write it down, people will come.

Note down the firm’s strategic plan.
Write your main point right now. What advantages do you think your clients will receive?
Are there any further messages?

2. Be Honest:

blogging tips

It’s a fact that your influence grows the more honest you are. Being honest will increase your credibility in the eyes of others who value honesty.

Honesty increases your thoughts and communication by making you more understanding and considerate.

Blogging isn’t something we do for our relatives, our close friends, or anyone else; we do it solely for ourselves.

It is our platform for connecting with global communities and other people.

Always remember to be honest whenever you produce new content in the future. If you are honest instead of boring, your writing will be more interesting and, most importantly, more real.

3. Set blogging goals that are realistic:

People frequently begin blog content just for fun, but again they are not required to set goals. Setting goals is necessary if you desire to monetize your weblog or make it a comprehensive activity.

By goal setting, you may more easily keep track of how you’re doing and stay on target. You can establish bigger goals as you achieve smaller ones at first.

You have the ability to determine how many subscriptions you want, how many views you want, and what amount of income you would like to make.

4. Set up a blog right now:

I’m so happy to be able to write frequently. You’ll definitely come up with reasons why you shouldn’t begin writing regularly. I justified my behavior by saying that I “did get involved too late.”

So, if you’re on the fence, I recommend that you take a chance and resolve to write frequently.

5. Keep focused as well as committed:

blogging tips

The two main components for achievement in almost anything are commitment and focus.

You must ignore almost every aspect of your life for the next six months.

Maintain a commitment worthy of a monk and center all of your focus on your website or blog. Follow these steps for success.

Be Passionate
Create Ideas
Be Persistent

If you dedicate yourself to working on your blog full-time for the next six months, I guarantee that it will generate sufficient revenue to assist you in leading a respectable life.

6.build websites with a certain niche:

Simply said, a niche website is one that focuses on a small group of people or area of interest online. Any topic is acceptable, including those that are more specialized or related to the company, relations, tourism, art, clothing, or the like.

There are many different types of specialty websites, therefore including it all in this tutorial would likely result in Search engine optimization versions.

We’ll examine the five actions you must do to ensure that your website launches successfully. Which are:

pick the perfect niche.
 identify the appropriate keywords.
Set up your website.
beginning to write content.
Repetition is key.

7. Choose the greatest website hosting provider:

The backbone of every website is the web hosting. Careful attention should be given to selecting the hosting provider and package that are best for your website. You’ll want to ensure that you’re obtaining all the features you’ll need because not all hosts are made equal.

As soon as you have a clear idea of what it is that you want, you will be in an excellent position to launch your brand-new website in the most effective manner.

8. Make Use Of A Theme That Is SEO Friendly:

Having a powerful online presence is essential in the age of the internet, regardless of whether you are a company owner, blogger, or have a little or large organization or audience. You are preventing your company from expanding & missing out on hundreds of prospective clients and consumers if you don’t have a working website, blog, or social media account.

The Design is essential from a functional standpoint as well as for making a good first impression. The following advantages come into play when a website has been well-designed (for both owner and reader)

The good news about themes is that they are readily available in thousands of distinct variations for any type of website and market. There are many wonderful free design packs available in addition to premium themes and customised theme designs.

Keep in mind that you will have access to a WordPress theme that is of the highest quality and is optimised for search engines (SEO)

Here are the Top WordPress Themes for SEO:

SEO Crawler

Learn more About SEO

9. Improve your website’s appearance(design) user-friendly:

Clean design and correct navigation are essential for your blog. It needs to be organised so that readers may quickly discover the stuff they want. Your blog information is really important, but there are certainly other considerations that have to think about.

A user-friendly website must have some key characteristics:

Compatibility with Mobile
Navigation that is effective
Easy Forms
Quick loading

10. Make a list of your ideas for your blog:

make a list ideas for your blog

At least 40 blog article ideas are written down in my notes. I always make it a practice of writing my thoughts, no matter how rough an outline they may be.

Keep a notepad nearby in case you get an inspiration for an article at any time.

11. Everyday writing:

It’s a habit, so the more frequently you write, the more proficient you’ll get. Google also appreciates new content. Updates to your blog are always a smart idea. If your schedule is hectic, you should postpone or at the very least keep up a posting schedule. It can be difficult to maintain a posting schedule at times. In these situations, you can employ a specialist or a full-time blogger to handle this task for you.

blogging tips

12. Be careful with your grammar:

You cannot allow yourself to make misspellings when writing, regardless of the purpose of your writing. Both the user experience and onsite SEO are negatively impacted by it. Readability and grammar are two of the many indications that search engines use to determine where to rank websites. You can begin using and studying English if you come from a nation where it is not your native tongue.

13. Avoid copying the information:

Whenever we begin writing, we frequently begin by reading other people’s blogs and may even wind up paraphrasing or rewriting some of the things we find there. Keep in mind that no one will miss what you do. Create your own work instead of plagiarising others.

The content that has been copied is flagged by google search, which then punishes the website that is responsible for the copying. These sanctions might include anything from a decline in page rank for a specific keyword to the entire delisting of a website.

You can take many different precautions to guarantee that the entirety of your blog’s written content is truly new.

14. Purchase the Best Tools for Blogging:

best tools for blogging tips

You will be able to increase the number of leads you create, cultivate confidence among followers, and enhance your search engine rankings if you use the appropriate blogging tools.

There are tools available that can help you enhance the effectiveness of your blogging activities in many different areas, including planning, search engine optimization (SEO), and promotion.

keep in mind the Content management platform you’re utilizing has some built-in SEO capabilities and can interface with these tools.

15. Check your blog on various browsers:

To improve user experience, you must test your website on many browsers. Everybody has observed why certain webpages appear incorrectly in particular browsers, leading one to believe the page is malfunctioning.

The website loads absolutely well when you access it using a different browser, though. The operation of a webpage with several browsers is thus explained by this behaviour.

No matter what browsers, devices, and extra accessible technologies your users are using, it is your obligation as a web developer to ensure certain that your websites function properly for all of them.

16. Blog with Patience, Determination and Enthusiasm:

with enthusiasm, determination, and patience are terms used in blogging. So pick a blogging topic that you are knowledgeable about and excited to write about.

With a clear plan and goal, you could achieve anything in this world. If not, you will start something new every day and never finish it before moving on to the next task. Because this is an ongoing process, many bloggers give up.

blog with patience, determination

17. Create a mobile-friendly blog:

mobile friendly

Nowadays, so many people use their phones or tablets to connect to the Internet than desktop PC.

And as the number of people who use mobile phones as their main device continues to rise, the more damage it will do to your site if you decide to neglect these users.

How to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

Select a theme or template that is compatible with mobile devices.
Images and CSS must be light.
Your website should respond to user input.
Keep your website’s speed in mind.
Keep your website’s design simple.
Test mobile devices frequently.

18. Check how fast your website loads:

Users get a terrible user experience on slow websites. Actually, Google declared that the quality of the page would become a far more significant ranking element.

It is in your best interest to make sure that your website loads faster and to be aware that consumers will always be looking for more.

Use the PageSpeed Insights tool from Google.

Trying to install a caching plugin on your WordPress site is most likely the best thing users can do to make it load faster.

19. Alt text for images:

  Alt text, also known as alt description and alt tags, is the written content that substitutes for images on a webpage when the image is unable to load on the user’s screen. This language enables search engines to more effectively scan and rank your page while also assisting screen-reading software in describing photos to users who are blind or visually challenged.

Pick the proper file format (PNG or JPEG)
naming picture files with appropriate information.
make a sitemap for XML images.
Enhance Your Images for Mobile.

20. Write SEO-friendly title tags:

Your website’s title tag should be different for each page and ideally begin with a relevant keyword. To stand out and to be found in long-tail searches, use modifiers like “best,” “2022,” etc. Title tags should be no more than 55 characters long to avoid being shortened in search results.

Your primary keyword should be in the title H1tags.
 Use H2 Tags for Subheadings
Describe a benefit in the title tags

Learn more about Latest Trends

21. Create Unique & Quality Content:

The phrase “Unique Content” has to do with SEO. It indicates that the content is unique and hasn’t been copied elsewhere. The importance of unique content in search rankings is a result of the fact that duplicate content might result in penalties for websites.

Advice on how to produce  Unique content:

It’s not tough to create unique stuff. Use the following advice to help ensure that the content is unique and innovative:

Don’t take someone else’s words and use them yourself.
Always use more than one source when you are doing research.
Show your uniqueness.

22. Try not to be perfect:

I advise against focusing on perfectionism when blogging. As long as you learn from them, it’s totally acceptable to make mistakes.

If you make a grammatical or spelling error, some readers could become irritated, but you can rectify it and continue. Keep in mind that mistakes happen to everyone. Tools like Grammarly can help you find some mistakes.

New bloggers should write and find their own voice/style. Personal blogs perform better than academic ones.


23. Create a plan for marketing on social media:

social media presence for blogging tips

It is essential for bloggers to be active on social media. It is absolutely essential to have a strong role on those platforms if you want your company, and especially your web business, to be successful.

Social media helps you create relationships with existing clients, strengthens their loyalty, increases online traffic, and differentiates you from competitors.

Link building is crucial for SEO. In view of this, link building must be a crucial component of your SEO plan. Link building should be an element of your growth strategy, but more crucially. Because it can increase your website’s traffic and draw in new visitors. Make sure to avoid unethical behavior. Despite how tempting they may be, doing so will lower your ranks.

link building for blogging tips

A successful link-building strategy follows these simple steps:

Find out who you’re writing for.
Create quality content.
Create a list of websites that will interest your readers.
Make use of social media.

25. Maintain Positive Connections with niche-specific bloggers:

Since I’ve been blogging for a little over a year, one of the most crucial lessons I’ve learnt is the necessity of developing connections with other bloggers if you want your site to be successful.

make good relations with niche bloggers

1.Create connections that are mutually beneficial.

2.Check out their blogs, leave comments, and join the conversation.

3.Make blog entries that highlight the author and their website.

4.connect to their blog postings on yours.

5.Encourage guest posting.

26. Use headlines with number theory:

Both number theory and effective headline writing are not exact sciences. But carefully applying what you’ve just learnt will improve the impact of your headlines.

Adjectives include numbers. But we often read headlines that contain numbers as indicating the magnitude or relative character of the noun they describe rather than the real worth they reflect.

By using numbers to imply extra benefits, you can create catchy headlines that increase the desirability of a feature.

27. Make a specific topic:

Ensure that you’re giving the readers pertinent information in an understandable manner. Your readers will remain engaged in reading your post if you’re specific in delivering them the information they want to read.

Understanding the interests of your audience is crucial since if you don’t cater to them, they’ll become dissatisfied.

Therefore, be careful to limit the material you provide to a single subject that is easy to follow and know. This would provide high-quality articles for you.

28. Know what your readers want and what they need:

Understanding readers is a key characteristic that sets advanced bloggers apart from others. Advanced bloggers attend to their readers’ informational requirements and desires rather than writing about whatever they feel like. And besides, these are the folks for whom their blog was made.

It’s time to conduct a user survey if you haven’t already. You can design a survey, distribute the link, get up to 100 responses, and review the findings for free using simple tools like SurveyMonkey. There are also paid solutions with more features available.

know about reader's wants and needs

Ask MC questions about:

What they did.
their issues that you can assist them in resolving.
Skill level.
During the following six months, their major challenge.

29. Setup email  with your brand:

A business email account with your branding on it is crucial if you take your blog seriously. Because customers believe you are a legitimate business, this helps greatly when negotiating contracts with advertisers.

Here are several reasons every company ought to have a professional email account:

Creates a credible foundation.
Business identity.
Enhancing the security.
the more powerful and memorable.

30. Create a mailing list:

Obtaining email accounts and other information from website visitors, clients, event participants, etc., results in what is known as an email list.

build email list

The process of list development involves gathering email addresses from site visitors, buyers, and other customers of a business. This can be accomplished through a site, social media pages, gatherings, sign-up sheets in-store, and other methods.

31. Add faces to the images:

Consider a situation when you are around somebody who doesn’t understand your speech. Using words, would you engage in conversation?

However, you can still read people’s expressions to determine whether you can believe them.

In reality, that is the way newborn babies see the world the most. They depend on their parents’ body language and voice to grasp the issue and respond appropriately before they can speak.

Therefore, you should include faces within your pictures.

Include images of faces

Internal links should be concentrated in five areas:

Relevant Articles or blog pages
subscription page
Downloadable resources
Contact page

A page on your website can be reached using an internal link. Linking to the webpage in the content of your post is a fantastic idea, for instance, if you’re creating a blog post that explains how and where to install a specific product. Several advantages of this internal link include:

User Engagement
Related page navigation
Index and crawl

33. More Research:

more research

It’s time for research once you’ve decided what to write about and made a plan again for the topics you want to cover.

For everything you write, including blogs, you must conduct research because learning new things is an important part of blogging in addition to teaching and informing readers.

There is always more information to learn, regardless of how much you already know about a given topic. Your writing will improve as you do more research only.

34. Don’t wait to learn something new:

Because you’ll never know everything there is to know about running a successful blog. We refer to this as analytical stagnation.

When you spend so much time analyzing anything to get it to that “perfect” standard you’ve established, it starts to freeze you and keep you from acting.

The process of blogging takes time. It is a never-ending activity.

don't wait to learn something new

35. Revisit and update your Old Contents:

Would you like to improve your ranking in search engines on Google or other search engines?

You may simply update your outdated articles and give yourself a better freshness score to raise the efficiency of your SEO efforts and increase your search engine traffic.


It takes effort, perseverance, and a long-term strategy to grow your blog’s readership. Even though the 35+ blogging ideas listed above were successful for me, the field of blogging is still developing, therefore it’s important to regularly monitor developments in digitized content.

In the end, it’s vital to remember that every blogger will have a different experience, even though I believe this collection of blogging guidelines would be very helpful to any beginner blogger.

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