30+ strategies to Make Money Online Blogging with WordPress

Do you want to know the best, non-scam methods for making money online? WordPress, which is the largest publishing platform in the world, is used by 45% of all websites. By doing what you love, you may make money online with WordPress and blogging. To make as much money as possible, you may work whenever you want from the comfort of your own home.

In this article, We will discuss the best, “proven,” strategies to make money online blogging with WordPress.

Everyone may start earning additional money with these easy tasks, which range from blogging to doing surveys. Some of these concepts can even immediately add money to your account.

Then get started!

1. Freelancing Services

make money online with freelancing services

Bloggers are already specialised experts. As a freelancer, you may start charging for your knowledge and abilities. Because it doesn’t necessarily need an upfront time or financial investment, freelancing is a well-liked method of earning money online. Simply begin supplying your present client with your services.

You’ll need a method of invoicing clients once you begin freelancing, as well as a mechanism to collect their payments.

You may work for yourself pretty much everywhere, however some of the more well-known and frequent freelance positions include:

Article Writing
Photoshopping / Editing
Graphic design – logo design, website design etc.,
software development and coding
editing videos
Management of social media

These are just a few of the job openings that are open to independent contractors. Remember, if you’re ready to develop the necessary abilities, you may work as a freelancer on pretty much any project.

Even while top-rated freelancers could have years of expertise under their belts, there is still plenty of opportunity for those who are just getting started. If a freelancer’s prices are less expensive than those of more seasoned professionals, many organisations with limited budgets will be pleased to collaborate with them.

For native English speakers, one of the easiest freelancing occupations to start with is writing for clients on a freelance basis. You don’t need a degree in journalism or to have been published before. For the web, informal conversational writing is acceptable as long as it’s clear and error-free You may proceed now.

How to begin:

  1. Choose the expertise you wish to provide as a freelancer.
  2. The best course of action is to educate oneself if you have no prior expertise at all. On Udemy or Skillshare, for instance, you may enrol in classes on subjects like web programming, logo design, and video editing.
  3. Establish a fee for your services, then market to companies wishing to outsource work. A fantastic location for novices to start is on websites like Fiverr and Upwork.

2. Affiliate Marketing

make money online from affiliate marketing

It’s quite simple to get started with affiliate marketing, and it has a high revenue potential, making it a terrific method to make money online. Affiliate marketing pays you a commission on purchases in exchange for promoting other people’s goods or services. This may be accomplished in a variety of methods, among the most prevalent being the creation of affiliate-linked blog entries and articles.

On social media sites like Facebook or YouTube, you may advertise things using your affiliate link.

When considering how to make money online, affiliate marketing is frequently overlooked. This is a result of their perception that it is challenging, or even their ignorance of its existence!

However, anyone can begin using affiliate marketing, and seeing those first few sales come in and the money start to flow can be extremely thrilling.

Affiliate marketing also has the advantage of being a passive source of revenue. Once your affiliate links are set up and you’ve produced some excellent content, you may continue to profit from those links for many years to come.

How to begin:

  1. After a consumer clicks your affiliate link and makes a purchase on the website, you will receive a commission. There are other additional affiliate programmes to investigate, including Commission Junction & ShareASale. In addition, hosting firms and enterprises that sell software or SaaS sometimes operate their own affiliate programs with significant commissions.
  2. Make a website or blog with lots of good info that relates to the topic or topics you’re promoting.
  3. Join the programmes of your choice as an affiliate.

3. WordPress with Google AdSense

make money online from google adsence

Using Google Adsense is a simple approach to monetize your site. All you have to do to start showing adverts on your website is instal a Google script to it.

When someone clicks on the ad, you will get paid. They are known as CPC advertisements.

Although the average CPC for display advertisements is just a few cents, this may quickly build up for high-traffic websites hosting lots of banner ads. Consequently, the easiest approach to earn money with this strategy is to build a high-quality website with educational content and release fresh articles as frequently as you can.

When you first start out, Google Adsense is an excellent method to start make money online.

This strategy is easier for newcomers than affiliate marketing since you may post advertising on any website. Additionally, you don’t need to try to sell anything; simply create engaging material that readers will want to read. To build up your revenue to a full-time income, though, might take a lot of time.

How to begin:

  1. Join an advertising network (Google AdSense is an excellent choice for newcomers.)
  2. Create relevant, high-quality material for your website or blog.
  3. around your website, carefully place adverts.
  4. Continue to provide new material to your website to increase visitors.
  5. Earn money each time one of your ads is clicked.

4. Sell eBooks through WordPress

make money online from sell e-books

Ebooks are a clear choice when making digital goods. They are fairly easy to write and make. In addition to freelancing, self-publishing a book is a simple method to monetize your work online.

Due to the misconception that creating an eBook is difficult, many individuals are hesitant to try it. However, it’s a lot simpler than you may imagine for newcomers to enter the self-publishing industry.

Of course, writing your eBook comes first. The tricky thing is that! It might be difficult to write a book, but it’s not that different from writing blog posts or articles. If you’re imaginative and you already have some fantastic ideas for stories, you should give your hand at writing some fiction. But for their first try at self-publishing, the majority of individuals will find it simpler to produce a brief non-fiction book.

For inspiration, go through various eBooks on Amazon. To read the contents table and gain suggestions on how to organise your own book, you may get a preview of any Kindle organize

The next step after writing your eBook is formatting it for publishing. You may either pay someone to do it for you or use the instructions provided by Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

You’ll also need to create the cover. This doesn’t have to be pricey; you can make a beautiful cover on a tight budget by using a variety of internet tools and free designs.

It’s finally time to publish! Although it’s really simple, KDP will help you through the process. You may decide on your own pricing, just remember to include in Amazon’s fee, and you’re good to go.

How to begin:

  1. Select a topic on which you have knowledge or enthusiasm.
  2. Compose your eBook.
  3. Create a book cover in the desired format.
  4. To publish your book, use a site like Kindle Direct Publishing.
  5. Use Amazon to sell your book and get passive income.

5. Get paid to write blog posts

While sponsored articles may be compared to native adverts, they do so with slightly less content. They are made to appear like the surroundings in which they are stationed. For instance, you wouldn’t even know if you were reading a magazine story or a sponsored post if it appeared in a publication.

One approach to keep readers interested in the content they are reading without them realizing it is a paid ad rather than an article is by making sponsored posts entertaining to read. Advertisements won’t utilize phrases like “sale! sale! sale!”

How to begin:

  1. Offer to collaborate with a brand or Apply to the chances that meet your profile after finding them on influencer networks.
  2. Make a plan for the sponsored content, including the blog post, subjects, and other content elements.
  3. Choose a price.
  4. Make a strategy for action.
  5. Follow the procedures ( if applicable).
  6. Earn money by producing content.

6. Get influencer speaking gigs

make money online with speaking gigs as a influencer

If you use your blog to promote your own brand, you will begin building up a large audience and become known as an influencer in your field.

You can use this recognition to land certain employment doing public speaking. Speaking at conferences is a popular way for bloggers to bring in big bucks.

The following basic guidelines should be kept in mind if you want to make money as a skilled public speaker:

  1. Know your subject inside and out. If you don’t have the right knowledge or skills yet, you must start learning right away.
  2. Be persistent – On your blog and in social media, you should constantly promote your expertise in the area.
  3. Tell people when you’re available. You can either talk to the event organisers in person or post about it on social media.
  4. You might not be able to find paid public speaking gigs right away. Many well-known speakers got their start at smaller, more relaxed, free community events where they spoke in front of a few people.

7. Get a job as a Search Engine Evaluator

search  engine evaluator

Do you have a working knowledge of Google? Do you enjoy offering advice and assisting others in enhancing their search results? If so, a side business as a search engine examiner would be ideal for you.

You will be assigned particular responsibilities as a search engine examiner, such as grading the calibre of online search results, finding spamming, and analyzing new features. You will be required to submit written summaries of your conclusions and any recommendations you make for improvement.

You’ll be paid by the hour and have to finish tasks by a certain time. When you sign a contract with a company, they typically want you to promise to put in a minimum amount of hours each week.

For this kind of profession, training is offered, and you must pass an evaluation before you can begin.

How to begin:

  1. There are a few businesses that provide search engine evaluators contracts. These include Lionbridge and Appen.
  2. Look for opportunities as a search engine evaluator on the websites. You might need to reside in a particular nation or speak a specific language.
  3. Make sure you match the requirements for the position before applying.
  4. In order to prove that you understand the requirements if your application has been accepted, you will be required to read a guide book and pass a test. In most cases, you may start working right away if you pass the test.

8. You can sell items through eBay and other platforms

eBay selling

On eBay, everything and all may be sold, including clothing, appliances, and furniture. You may also utilize a number of other online markets, like Facebook, Media Marketplace, and others. Poshmark is a well-known online store for fashionable clothing and accessories.

Although you can absolutely use eBay in this fashion as a reseller (more on that later), this isn’t really a means to generate a steady income. However, it may be a terrific way to earn any easy money if you really need it. Additionally, you also have the added benefit of decluttering your home.

How to begin:

  1. Find items that you no longer desire or need and purge them from your home. Old toys, books, video games, electronics, culinary equipment, footwear, and apparel are just a few examples of what may be included in this.
  2. Join an online marketplace like eBay.
  3. You may sell your stuff on the internet by taking high-quality pictures, writing an interesting description, and either setting a fixed price or holding a bidding (Don’t forget to include packaging and delivery fees).
  4. Take advantage of your new simple lifestyle by selling whatever you can!

9. Flipping websites online is a way to make money

make money online from flippa

The majority of people are well behind you if you know how to create a WordPress website. Sometimes business owners prefer to purchase existing websites that they may utilise for their own companies.

You may sell your WordPress blog and profit from your work if you can create one and gain some traffic to it.

For this, you must be aware of the kinds of websites that are in demand, as well as how to value and market them. There are services like Flippa that act as brokers and marketplaces for the sale of websites.

How to begin:

  1. Seek out a catchy but untaken domain name, buy it, and then create a basic website where people can find you online and get in touch.
  2. The secret is to buy popular domain names before everyone else and to stay one step ahead of the trends. To identify quality domains that are for sale, you may also utilize services like Sedo.
  3. Check out marketplaces for websites such as EmpireFlippers or Flippa to find well-known sites that you could sell and improve to make money.
  4. Before making any proposals, you should make sure that you have done all of the necessary research, because some of these websites could be pricey or the investment might not be worth it.
  5. By enhancing the look and feel of the websites you purchase, including fresh content, or driving more visitors through SEO and marketing, you may raise their worth.
  6. Relist the website on a marketplace when you’re ready to make a profit by selling it to someone else.

10. Sell graphic designs, printables, WordPress themes, and other digital assets


You can make digital goods that address other people’s issues if you are a skilled designer or programmer.

There are numerous options to offer templates and items that other people may use in their enterprises, even if you don’t have a lot of graphic design expertise.

For instance, you might use a user-friendly graphics programme like Canva to generate a collection of social media templates. Or, if you’re a teacher or a parent who homeschools their children, you may market printables and other digital teaching aids.

How to begin:

  1. Choose what you’re going to produce and market. You may also hunt for inspiration on websites like Creative Market. On Etsy, a popular genre is printables.
  2. Make your own products.
  3. Sell your digital goods online by uploading them.

11. Set up an online shop / ecommerce store

Setting up an online store is a considerably easier way to start a business than opening a new store. If there is a market for it, you are free to offer any kind of goods you choose. To be able to offer your consumers helpful information and guidance, it may be advantageous to select a specialized market that you are knowledgeable about.

Online selling is made simple by the ease of creating an eCommerce website. There are several businesses out there that have pre-built themes and templates so you can build a website quickly. One of the most well-known standalone eCommerce systems is Shopify, but you can also convert a WordPress website into an online store using a plugin like WooCommerce.

How to begin:

  1. Select a product to market. You might either find a source to purchase merchandise at a discount or create your own goods.
  2. Utilize one of the  eCommerce systems to build a website.
  3. Set up delivery options and payment processing.
  4. Utilize techniques like email marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing to drive more customers to your shop.

12. Dropshipping

Dropshipping can be a fantastic alternative for you if you enjoy the concept of launching an eCommerce store but don’t want the inconvenience of warehousing and shipping things.

When a consumer places a purchase on your website, you place a separate order with a supplier for each item, and they ship it straight to the customer. This is known as the dropshipping model.

Dropshipping is a lot simpler business strategy to start than traditional eCommerce since you don’t need to spend money on stock purchases before you can make sales.

How to begin:

  1. Look for a vendor that will drop ship goods for you. A well-known directory of (mainly Chinese) vendors for hundreds of items is called Aliexpress.
  2. Establish your store. An eCommerce store can be created using technology like Woocommerce, Shopify, or BigCommerce. Additionally, you can use a plugin to automatically import images and descriptions of products from AliExpress or another dropshipping provider.
  3. Promote your shop through advertisements or other marketing strategies.
  4. As orders are placed, items are ordered and sent.

13. Make a community for questions and answers

Query and response. There are several large online communities, including Stack Exchange and Quora. They assist you in creating an active, driven, and highly involved online community.

You will need to invest effort in creating a significant community, effort in creating a significant community, much like forums. Then, utilizing commercials, affiliate links, and other strategies, you would be able to monetize the consumer content on your website.

Direct sponsorship and advertising partnerships with businesses in their field can be obtained from prominent question-and- answer websites. They may negotiate a considerably higher rate and better terms thanks to this.

make money online from quora

14. Make an online course

make money online from udemy

There’s a good probability that a person will offer you to use whatever abilities and information you possess.

Due to the enormous demand for those who can design them, online courses are a very lucrative industry. You may be a professional in anything, from vegetable gardening to videography, or you might wish to spread your love of gaming to the world. Whatever it is, as long as another person is interested, doesn’t matter.

An online course used to take a lot of time and effort to create. There are several businesses available nowadays that will do the majority of the job for you. Everything else is up to you—you simply need to think up a concept and pick how much to pay for it.

How to begin:

  1. Come up with a few concepts for possible courses. You could be enthusiastic about this or be an expert in it, or you might be learning about it as well. An online course that condenses the knowledge you get over months of reading, study, and practise is just as beneficial.
  2. To learn more about the process of producing a course, visit websites like Teachable, Udemy, or Skillshare.
  3. If you have a website built with WordPress, you may utilise a plugin for a learning management system (LMS plugin) to host your own course on your website.
  4. Make the content for your course. This might be written, spoken, or visual information. Worksheets and other materials can also be added.
  5. Send your course proposal for approval.
  6. Promote your course. In order to do this, you may use social media, your website, your blog, or a partnership with other websites.
  7. Launch an online course and start making money!

15. Digital Printing Service


Print-on- demand is an additional way for creative business owners to generate income online. You do this by creating a design that is only printed on consumer products like mugs, t-shirts, shopping bags, phone covers, and other things when a client orders them.

Again, coming up with concepts that desire to be purchased doesn’t need you to be a creative genius. For instance, a creative statement written in a distinctive typeface might be just as effective as a unique artwork.

How to begin:

  1. Create a few design concepts. It may be quite effective to appeal to a certain target market. For instance, you may market goods to those interested in hamsters or those who were born in a specific year.
  2. Select a print-on-demand website like Redbubble, CafePress, or Zazzle.
  3. Set pricing for your designs after uploading them.

16. Open a consulting firm of your own:

Consulting is an additional approach to monetize your blog and market your skills online. A consultant doesn’t provide their clients with their services; instead, they provide guidance and a plan of action to help them be more productive.

There is no initial investment, just like with freelancing. On your already-existing blog, you may start to provide consultancy services. To allow people to request more information, all you need to do is build a page containing a form.

We suggest using WPForms to make professional, mobile-friendly forms quickly.

17. Online Tutoring & Teaching


Since the beginning of the pandemic, when many schools and institutions were compelled to abandon their classrooms in favour of virtual learning, the online education market has been flourishing.

Even though things are now beginning to return to “normal,” online education is still quite common.

There are several ways to make money in this industry, including tutoring college students, teaching English to children in Asia, and providing specialized classes in music, arts, or any other subject in which you have knowledge or expertise.

Typically, in order to start, you must have some sort of teaching background. However, if you’re an authority on a certain subject, you can soon find yourself running a successful online teaching business.

How to begin:

  1. Check out VIPKID, QKids, Tutor, and Verbling for teaching and tutoring positions.
  2. Join Outschool and register as a teacher. With the help of this internet platform, you may provide online courses to students all around the world.
  3. By developing a website, adding your services to directories like Craigslist or Facebook, or setting up a profile on Upwork, you may launch your own online teaching business.

18. Sell photographs online:


There are several methods to generate money online if you have a talent for photography by selling your images.

You may work as a stock photographer and make money by selling the photos you capture for use in commercials, pamphlets, websites, social media postings, etc. Even though you only get a modest commission on each image sold, if you amass a sizable collection of in-demand photos, you may generate a respectable side income.

The creation of your own website for a gallery and the sale of prints are further options. If you do this, you may sell your photos for greater rates, but it may be hard to find enough purchasers.

Additionally, you may produce and market your own tangible or digital goods, like t-shirts, photo books, and calendars.

How to begin:

  1. Choose whether you want to sell your photos directly from your personal website or through a stock picture website.
  2. Create your own website or register with a stock picture service like Getty Images or Shutterstock.
  3. Add your pictures.
  4. Promote your photography company through social media, your website, and other online marketing tools.

19. Make a website for a job marketplace:

With a job marketplace, you may generate money off of each job listing, unlike with a typical job listing website. The finest examples of websites that offer online job marketplaces are undoubtedly Fiverr and UpWork.

You may advertise your job marketplaces as a small non platform for those working in the same industry as your blog. You might choose a highly particular specialty to increase the level of competition on your site.

This will make it simple for you to locate clients and pros that can’t use big platforms due to excessively unrelated rivalry.

You might impose a minor fee for job postings or once a project is finished. More assignments completed successfully will result in future business and freelancers for you.

20. ReSelling products on eBay or Amazon FBA

amazon FBA

Reselling, commonly referred to as resellers, is the practice of locating goods that are being offered at a discount, purchasing them in large quantities, and then reselling them for a profit. It’s a simple way to start selling online because you don’t have to find wholesale suppliers or make your own products.

Any platform is viable for product sales, however the most well-known ones are probably eBay and Amazon. Although eBay has lost some of its appeal in recent years, it’s still worth trying since some things still sell well there.

For a number of reasons, Amazon is among the simplest marketplaces for reselling goods.

First of all, millions of buyers visit Amazon each day, giving the company a sizable user base. Additionally, Amazon excels in cross-promotional marketing for its goods.

Additionally, selling things is made incredibly simple by Amazon’s FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) service, which eliminates the headaches associated with a conventional eCommerce business. With FBA, Amazon stores and ships your items, so you can focus on discovering high-margin products.

How to begin:

  1. Go online and look for an item that is discounted. You may either shop locally for clearance products or utilize a website like AliExpress. There are apps like InventoryLab that let you scan a barcode for a possible product and instantly determine the potential profit based on the pricing at Amazon right now, fees, shipment, and other costs.
  2. The next step is to offer your goods for sale after creating an account on eBay or Amazon.
  3. Increase the number of items in your store. You may make more money if you sell more goods.

21. Create a YouTube channel

YouTube is a method of earning money online that is gaining popularity. You have a huge audience to reach on YouTube thanks to the sheer volume of viewers, many of whom are searching for various types of content.

How then can you profit from videos? You may monetise your YouTube channel in a number of ways:

Advertising : In order to feature their commercials in the billions of pre-roll and in-video advertisements that are seen to viewers, YouTube collaborates with marketers. When your channel gets a particular amount of daily views, you may enroll in the YouTube Partners Program and start making money.
Sell subscriptions: You may sell paid subscriptions for premium content that isn’t accessible through your channel’s free version through the YouTube Partner Program. This is a fantastic approach to get more money and support from your audience.
Brand deals: On YouTube, businesses frequently pay for reviewing videos and channel shout-outs if you have a loyal following. Many video makers make several thousand dollars per month only from brand partnerships, so this can be highly profitable.
Affiliate marketing: Simply by including links to the things they use or discuss in their video in the video description, many YouTube content creators may earn excellent money through affiliate marketing.

To make a solid living from your channel, you’ll need to put in a lot of effort, but if you can generate interesting, educational, and amusing videos, you have a chance.

How to begin:

  1. For your channel, choose a topic that you are enthusiastic about or interested in. This will enable you to create content that appeals to and is pertinent to your audience.
  2. Make compelling material that viewers will want to watch. Your phone camera will work just fine to get started; you don’t need any pricey equipment. You must, however, amuse and engage your audience.
  3. You’ll be able to apply for the Partner Program on YouTube and begin earning money through your videos after your channel has reached a certain threshold for both the subscriber count and the total number of views. Affiliate marketing, on the other hand, and brand deals may be begun straight immediately.

22. live streaming of video games


Have you ever fantasised of being able to work from home while playing video games?

For some people, even if it can seem like an unreachable fantasy, that is the case. Video game playing while broadcasting it live for viewers to watch online is a legitimate way to make money.

The most well-known streamers may find great financial success on platforms like Twitch. Some subscribers even become famous in their own right and make millions of dollars each year.

How to begin:

  1. Set up an account with a streaming service for Twitch or YouTube Games.
  2. In addition to a webcam and a quick and dependable internet connection, make sure you have a good gaming headphone.
  3. Start broadcasting your preferred video games to an audience.
  4. Engage your audience and give them a fantastic performance.

23. PPC (pay per click) Marketing

Using various ad platforms to promote items, PPC marketing is a way to generate income.

With conventional affiliate marketing, you direct visitors to a product using strategies like SEO and social media.

Similar concepts are used in PPC marketing, but instead of using these free strategies to promote your affiliate deals, you pay for advertisements on Facebook, Google, and other websites.

When someone clicks on one of your adverts, they are sent to a homepage for a service you are marketing. Some of those people will buy the goods if you’ve done a good job of targeting your advertisements to the correct audience and optimizing your homepage for conversions.

Although you will be charged every time somebody clicks on one of your advertisements, if your conversion rate is very high and the fee is high, you might earn a lot of money.

However, there are several courses available that will guide you through the procedure step-by-step. And you’ll be off to a fantastic start if you have an aptitude for math and statistics as well as for crafting compelling commercials and landing page material.

How to begin:

  1. Pick a product to advertise. There are several methods to find things to advertise, but the ideal way is to look for high-converting offerings in your industry.
  2. Join a platform for advertising, such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads.
  3. Make interesting and pertinent advertising and landing pages for your target demographic. Setting an advertising budget is necessary, and while you’re still learning the ropes, it’s better to be cautious with it.
  4. Follow up on your results and tweak your adverts and landing pages as necessary. You’ll need to be patient because PPC marketing campaigns can take a while to pay off, but when they do, you could make a lot of money.

24. Telecommute or work remotely

There is still hope if after reading this list you feel a little apprehensive about establishing your own company or if you don’t have any funds to invest in a new venture.

Working from home while performing a more conventional profession that permits remote work is another way to earn money online.

These positions provide you the flexibility to work from any location as long as you still have an employer, a regular paycheck, and benefits.

The large number of businesses that provide remote employment possibilities may surprise you. Due to the great need for competent workers in several areas, businesses are frequently open to hiring remote workers if they possess the necessary qualifications.

Some businesses also use “remote first,” meaning that most of their team members work remotely. Finding jobs online is made easier by looking for these businesses.

How to begin:

  1. Find remote work in your sector or industry by using job sites like Freelance workers and We Work Remotely.
  2. To uncover work-from-home jobs, browse the job listings on reputable employment sites like Indeed or Monster.
  3. Look for open positions in firms that prioritize remote work, such as Paypal, DropBox, and Buffer.
  4. Consider asking your present employer whether you can work remotely. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak, an increasing number of businesses are providing this option.

25. Build a WordPress-based Job Board That Accepts Paid Submissions

It is also possible to establish a compensated employment board. Companies that want to tell your audience about a job opening can charge you to post a listing.

If you specialise your employment board, it will be simpler to build a successful one. With little competition, you may establish yourself as the top resource for anyone searching for work in that sector.

For well-established sites in a certain area, this is fantastic. For instance, ProBlogger is now well-known for its professional blogger employment board. With WordPress, it is easy to set up a paid job board.

26. Obtain a commission by selling NFTs


Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are distinctive digital assets. When compared to other digital files, they may be thought of as the digital representation of an original painting.

Investors are prepared to spend a lot of money on the rare things since the marketplace for these goods is only starting to take off. Just as with cryptocurrencies, you can profit from trading NFTs, but if you’re inventive, you can actually design and market your own NFTs.

If their invention succeeds, new producers may sell NFTs for hundreds or even millions of dollars, even if they may first sell them for less than $100.

How to begin:

  1. Make a distinctive digital asset. This may be a picture, a movie, or an audio file.
  2. Put your work on OpenSea or another NFT marketplace.
  3. Decide on a price for your creation and then wait for a buyer.
  4. NFTs can also be purchased from other makers and then sold when their value has risen.

27. Create a User-Submitted Events Calendar in WordPress

An event calendar that individuals may pay to advertise their activities on might be used as an alternative to a job board. This also works great if you have a large following since companies will pay to advertise to you.

A excellent way to monetize regional or sector-specific websites is through a paid event calendar. You can decide to promote local events, trade shows for a certain sector, seminars, or live streaming occasions.

28.  Micro-tasking

amazon - mechanical

Another online job possibility that will allow you to complete little jobs and be paid for it is microtasking. You’re often compensated per task finished rather than per hour, and this might be as little as a few cents.

You might not think this is worthwhile, and performing microtasks won’t make you rich. However, some individuals like using this simple method to make a little additional money as they watch TV, commute, or even work other jobs.

You may pick the projects you wish to complete from a variety of different categories and this sort of employment is frequently given through crowdsourcing sites. Some of the tasks that may be available are trying to translate message from an image, doing simple research like looking up a location, and overall scoring the performance of a chatbot’s answer.

How to begin:

  1. Join a crowdsourcing website like Clickworker or Amazon Mechanical Turk.
  2. Start working on projects and earning money.

29. Create a membership website or paid forum

Are you an expert or highly versed in a certain field? Have you a wealth of knowledge to provide to those seeking assistance in this field? If yes, think about creating a membership website or online community where individuals may access all of your advice and information. You have the chance to advertise your expertise in the area in addition to earning money.

It will take a lot of time and effort to set up a forum or membership site, but if you can attract a large audience, it might be a very successful business.

This material might be hidden behind such a password-protected members-only portion of your website using a membership plugin, for a monthly or annual subscription. You could also create a paid forum where members may receive insightful conversations and advice from others working in the same field.

You may also use technology like Substack to set it up a subscription email newsletter.

This is a fantastic method to increase your content’s revenue while simultaneously giving your audience helpful resources and assistance.

How to begin:

  1. Consider the subject or issue in which you have the most expertise, and then develop a few concepts for a subscription forums, membership site, or email subscription centered on it.
  2. Look at internet discussion boards and membership websites in your sector to get a sense of what’s already available and what customers want.
  3. For the purpose of promoting your organization or membership site, establish a webpage, weblog, or social media account. Give yourself lots of time to develop your side business concept since before you can start paying for access, you’ll need to develop a following and get people interested in your material.

30. Coaching

Coaching and instructing others on how to succeed in a certain field is a very well-liked technique to make money online.

It may be your ticket to bettering people’s lives if you have expertise or experience in a crucial area like money, health and well-being fitness, parenting, or relationships.

You may pay by the hour, by the session, or by the package for coaching whether it’s performed in a one-on-one or group environment.

For people to discover more about you and your skills, you’ll need to develop a site or online tutoring profile. You’ll also need to devote time and energy to marketing your brand and your company.

How to begin:

  1. Make an online profile focused on one coaching area of your choice.
  2. Publish your coaching advice, techniques, and experiences on a blog or website.
  3. Take part in online discussion groups and communities that are relevant to your area of coaching.
  4. On your social media channels, provide free assistance and advise, and point users toward your coaching website for additional in-depth counsel if necessary.


Online income opportunities abound, and this listing is not by any means all of them. Due to the daily emergence of new technology, platforms, and ideas, we are now living in an era of unparalleled possibility.

So, no matter what you’re good at or what you’re interested in, there’s almost always a way to earn money online with it. So go out and start working hard! You can never be sure where the next big chance will come from.

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